Saturday, March 22, 2008

Home and Represented!

Hello All!
Wow what a non stop couple months it has been!
My trip overseas was really fantastic! Great sites, great foods and great people!
Though I think I can do without having a big angry monkey charging and screaming inches from my face ever again! I now believe monkeys are good times from a good distance!
The big news is it looks like I am soon to be a represented Artist in the children's publishing industry with Nicole Tugeau of the Tugeau 2 agency! Nicole has been great to talk with and I'm really excited to see what may come out of this working relationship!
And if that's not enough, I'm also moving in a mere couple days! My girlfriend and I found a very snazzy 2 bedroom loft that will work perfect as a studio/apartment. Exciting Stuff!
In the meantime I wanted to get the blogging going again!

So here is an image I chose as a Promo send out piece for my Rep. The picture is actually part of a larger piece of art which I am still working on finishing but will definitely upload it when done!
I also thought I'd upload a random monkey photo from my trip (no this is not the big angry monkey I encountered, just a medium sized lazy one)
Hope you enjoy! and thank you all so much for the positive comments!